Why You Should Try The Hair Scarf This Summer

Forget the scrunchie, the hair scarf is your go-to summer accessory!

Now that summer is officially in full season, the hunt for your new season wardrobe is on.

But, while you might have everything from silky shirtss, gingham skirts and open-toe sandals in your shopping basket, there’s one often overlooked area that you shouldn’t neglect – accessories.

No, we’re not talking about basket bags, micro sunglasses or even the revival of the scrunchie trend.

Instead, we’re predicting that the hair scarf is about to become the biggest hit of the summer.

A look that’s dominating our social media feeds, influencers and celebrities alike are all sporting silky scarves in their locks and, while they look seriously polished and a little tricky to get right, it’s actually a style that’s super-simple to master.

But, how can you wear one without looking like an extra from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Here, we take a look at some of our favorite  ways to style your hair scarf.

Image source: pinterest


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