Fashion Icon: Viktoria Rader

Today we are talking about the mega cute chick Viktoria Rader . She lives in Munich and often gets the question ‘Why Munich and not Paris or New York?’ Her answer to this is quite simple and very romantic: ‘Love is the reason’. She met her husband five years ago, and since then has never thought of a place other than at his side.

From the moment she could walk, she was already dressed up. Her love for form and fabrics did not just stay with a dream, she is now also her job. At the age of sixteen she traveled the world as a model. After being regularly on the catwalk and visiting a large part of the world, she decided that creating fashion attracted her more than presenting. In 2012 she therefore founded her brand “Vira”, where she sells clothes for women. Her friends and family could not get enough of her advice in the field of style and design and this led in 2014 to the start of her blog “Viky And The Kid”. Right now her blog isa great success and it grows day by day.

Viktoria is a real fashion lover and on her blog you will find the best tips and tricks . Besides fashion and lifestyle, she also shares her  day to day life and often involves her children in blog posts.

Not only her blog “Viky And The Kid” ,but also  her Instagram is definitely worth following. Daily outfits, updates and utterly envious photos are shared here. Inspiration is abundant here and she keeps us up to date with what’s hot and what’s not.

 In short: Viktoria is someone you should keep an eye on!

Image source: styledumode, pinterest


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