Fashion Icon: Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson‘s life is a great lesson in how to move your career with the changing times – and your evolving passions.

Born in Jamaica, Tamu left the island at six years old to move to New York, before eventually studying at Fordham University and later moving to Italy with her husband Galileo (together they have a nine- year-old son, Piero).

The former lawyer-turned-founder of the street-style site All The Pretty Birds, has gone from super-blogger (right up there with Susie Bubble, Bryanboy and Man Repeller), to Instagram star (more than 100,000 followers and counting) to model (yes, that was her in J.Crew’s SS17 New York Fashion Week presentation) to health and wellness evangelist.

Now, the 40 year old is one of Milan’s most-beloved fashion fixtures, known locally for her highly individual way of dressing, which translates to her tightly curated home.

‘Curious and adventurous – I like to try out all different styles. It keeps things interesting for me,’  Tamu McPherson describes her quirky look. What do you think?

Image source: styledumonde


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