Fashion Icon: Jessie Bush

 She lives in an apartment in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. She flits from fashion week to fashion week, making a living snapping street style and taking photos for her blog We The People and she shoots for brands such as Jimmy Choo, Net-A-Porter, TopShop and Calvin Klein. In between fashion shows, she spends one week every year on a yacht in the Mediterranean taking photos for her Instagram account… and getting paid for it.

We The People is an online fashion and lifestyle destination created by style enthusiast turned social media guru, Jessie Bush. What started out as a New Zealand-based street-style blog has since evolved to include musings from global trend setters.

That job started five years ago back in Wellington, New Zealand, where Bush studied journalism. “I’d been reading so many style blogs my boyfriend said why don’t you write one? So I went out and shot street style.”

Back then, there were hardly any other style bloggers in New Zealand, and soon afterwards Bush and her boyfriend (now fiance) decided to move to Sydney – a move that quickly proved precipitous. Within a few months, Bush had landed an ongoing gig shooting street style with Westfield, and was contributing regularly to a fashion website. From there, things snowballed, and within no time she’d joined the global fashion caravan, travelling between New York, London, Milan and Paris twice a year.

Jessie Bush, is the ultimate minimalist style icon!

Image source: styledumonde, pinterest



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