Fashion Icon: Anya Ziourova

The very chic and very on-trend Anya Ziourova is a member the famous Russian Fashion Pack, which for those who don’t know, includes quite a few of our favorite style stars—Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya and Oksana On. The stylist and mother-of-two is a fashion week staple, jet-setting (in impeccable outfits!) between New York, London, Milan, and Paris on the regular.

Ziourova’s sophisticated style is not so hard to copy, because she’s often seen in monochromatic looks but she’s also not one to shy away from pops of color, volume, and bold prints. But, our personal favorite looks by the chic style star are those that gravitate towards long, flowing silhouettes and avant-garde cuts—we think they complement her shaggy bob perfectly!

So scroll through for our lineup of Anya Ziourova’s most inspiring style hits, and don’t forget to take notes!

Image source: styledumonde


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