Fashion Icon: Meghan Markle

 If you are not one of the people who made Meghan Markle the most googled woman of the year 2016, we’ll be happy to help. The American, who is now engaged with Prince Harry, was an aspiring member of the English royal family actress prior to her time (including in the series “Suits”), had a lifestyle blog called “The Tig”, which she now has after three years had to take offline, and is committed to the rights of women today.
Of course, as the soon-to-be wife of Prince Harry, she will be more in the public eye. Her diamond ring was copied immediately after the announcement of her engagement, as well as her outfits – as was the case with Duchess Kate and Princess Diana.
After looking through their looks, we noticed one thing: Meghan Markle’s outfits are simple but breathtaking. She is at every opportunity, whether appearing on a talk show or at a working dinner, perfectly dressed but never overstyled. Some of her favorite pieces are classic dresses, classy jumpsuits and power blazers that she may have brought from her “suits” days.
 You can find the most beautiful looks of the upcoming princess in our slideshow.
Image source: instyle, elle

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