5 Summer Outfit Ideas To Try This Week

If it happens to you to wake up and feels like you have nothing to wear, that means you have to read this post. If you look out the window every morning and see sunshine, and wandering ‘What should I wear?’ , or it takes you half an hour of trying to find something, or something that fits, have a look !

1.MAXI DRESS– in summer it’s better to keep it simple. Pair a maxi dress with a pair of sandals and sun glasses  for when the temperature gets high.

2.STRIPES SHIRT– what can represent better the sailor mood than stripes. So pair a stripes shirt with a classic white shorts and you are ready for a sexy summer day.

3.PUT ON A HAT- what’s a better way to cover your head from the heat than a hat. Take it with you everywhere especially on the beach.

4.SHORT SKIRTS– the perfect idea to get rid of summer heat is by wearing everything shorter and shorter 🙂

5. SNEAKERS– no matter what you are wearing the first rule is to feel comfortable; so what is more comfy than a pair of sneakers.

Source: pinterest



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