Fashion Icon: Chantelle Winnie

Every now and then a model comes along who redefines the industry.

The Supermodels did it, Kate Moss did it, and so did Cara Delevingne. Now is Winnie Harlow turn.

As you have no doubt noticed from the picture above, the 21-year old from Toronto has vitiligo, a chronic skin condition that produces patches of pigmentation. It began when she was four years old and she experienced bullying throughout school – she was frequently called a “cow”, thanks to the patch-like formations of her pigmentation – leading her to drop out at 16.

But it was thanks to Tyra Banks that Winnie, real name Chantelle Brown-Young, first found her footing as a model.

She now boasts almost 900,000 Instagram followers and receives well over 20,000 ‘likes’ for most of her posts. In an era where a model’s social media following is considered as part of the casting process, Harlow is winning.

Source: pinterest


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