Trend Alert: Sleeve Flare

We’ve all heard of flare pants, but have you considered flare sleeves? They’re bold, statement-making details that will turn heads everywhere.

Love them or hate them, flared sleeves have gained their attention and we have the street style photos to prove it. Want to give these a try? Here are some ways to mix them.

Layer. You can wear the flared sleeves under a sweater and tucked into jeans, in case the temperatures are a bit low.

But don’t forget the main rule: If you’re going big, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

As I said before, this trend can be quite a statement, so make sure your outfit isn’t getting too crazy, wear your flared sleeves with staple pieces.

You will never fail wearing this look with classic jeans and black sunglasses.

You can try also a dress with bell sleeves. Dresses can be an easier way to wear this trend because you don’t have to worry about whether the sleeves look right with the rest of your outfit.

Are you daring enough to try this bold trend?



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