Fashion Icon: Leaf Greener

With her digital magazine « LEAF », which she publishes on the leading Chinese platform WeChat, Greener has become — in just a few years — one of China’s most influential fashion personalities. Courted by leading western luxury houses, she has made a business out of educating her compatriots on the art of fashion while she continues to fight for more creative freedom in her home country, which is still plagued by repression. 

At first blush it would be easy to write off Leaf Greener as just one more « influencer » that looks great in photos snapped on the concrete catwalk outside fashion shows. Her eye catching outfits, bright smile and bubbly personality definitely draw you in. But scratch the surface and there is much more to Greener then meets the eye.






For six years she was the senior fashion editor of Elle China. Her writing and styling for the magazine, which became one of the top fashion magazines in the country during her tenure, helped educate and mold her nation’s understanding of the global fashion industry.

Then in 2015, looking for more creative freedom, she went out on her own and launched a digital magazine called“LEAF” on WeChat, China’s leading mobile application. Via this online platform she has focused on writing more in depth and original articles for her fashion savvy readership. She has also collaborated with brands like Chanel, Loewe and Chloé on fashion shoots and features in the magazine to help not just build brand awareness but also understanding of the core values of each house.  (source:







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