Try Me: Baggy Leather Pants


Whoever said size does not matter clearly had no idea what they were talking about.

For the past few years everyone seems to have a slight obsession on going up a few sizes, since the oversized coats, sweaters, and boyfriend borrowed looks.

When you first heard about this new trend – Baggy Leather Trousers – your reaction was wtf?

But, once you see them… you may just reconsider. Sure not all baggy styles look great on leather, but some are actually pretty fantastic. It’s all about a hip hop girl meets the glam one. It’s cool, effortless and this way you may just be able to pull off leather trousers style for work.

Slim leather leggings will always be into a cool girl stylish wardrobe, but this time, it’s all about the baggy leather trouser. These low-slung, slouchy pants are more menswear-chic than their skinny rock ‘n’ roll counterparts and are becoming increasingly popular among fashion insiders and well-dressed celebs alike. We find them completely necessary too, as they offer the perfect blend of androgyny and understated sex appeal.

For tips on how to wear this trend, scroll down the photos!







slouchy-leatherpants-streetstyle sporty-chic-baggy-leather-pants-look





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