Hair Idea: The Half Bun

Remember those random buns you used to create during gym class? Guess what? Turns out they’re back in style, but just a bit smaller.

Ladies and especially the ones with long hair, we would like to formally introduce you to the biggest hairstyle trend for this period: the half bun.

We don’t have information about who created this trend, but no matter who or what it’s attributed to, it has taken over Pinterest, Instagram feed, and editorial spreads.

The so-called hun is this season’s biggest hair trend, and it’s basically the sneaky way of making a lazy day hairstyle seem cool. Genius, huh?

The hun, or half-bun, is when you wear the top half of your hair in a mini bun, and let the bottom half flow free and loose.

The truth is that this style is a bit odd: it’s not a ponytail, yet it’s also not a full-fledged bun. Some people might think you forgot to put the rest of your hair.

Are you already a fan of the half bun?

Here’s a quick how-to-bun:











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