Dos and Don’ts:  How to Wear Working Leggings

Sometimes getting dressed for work is easy and fun, but then there are days when we feel like we can’t possibly face the day unless we’re wearing a pair of comfortable stretchy pants and a cozy sweater.  Here’s what I call the definition of leggings — the strange, beautiful piece of clothing that’s appropriate at both yoga class and on a first date.

But (there always is a but) here’s the one simple rule about leggings that everyone needs to understand: Leggings are not pants. Got that?

They are opaque, yes, but they should not really be thought of as an alternative to trousers.

There’s a time and a place for leggings. You just need to know how to wear them.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts from the fashion pros:

 Do: Try a pair in leather (real or fake) or suede.

Don’t: Go for crazy prints or neon colors.



Do: Layer them under a dress or skirt. The SOP (skirt-over-pants)trend is so hot right now. And if you want to now more about it click here.

Don’t: Throw on a crop top with your spandex skinnies. Unless you’re dressing as a woman in a 90’s workout video for that Halloween party.



Do: Style yours with a tunic top or sweater. Remember, you’re supposed to think about the leggings as tights!

Don’t: Throw on a T-shirt and call it a day. Unless you’re on your way to the gym.



Do: Layer on a long-line blazer. Tips: pair a longer  blazer with leggings so your backside is covered.

Don’t: Take the blazer off  when you’re inside. The jacket needs to be part of your outfit.




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