Prada ad campaign FW 2015-16

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Tonight let’s discuss something giant : the Prada FW 2015-16 ad campaign. The cast is composed ofAvery Blanchard, Estella Boersma, Inga Dezhina, Lineisy Montero, Ine Neefs, Greta Varlese andMaartje Verhoef. They are photographed by legend Steven Meisel.


First what do I think about the collection ? It was part of my favorites from Milan. Her FW wardrobe is very special and really stands out, a quality shared by all of her creations. A strong character exudes from her work and we can only praise it on this point. I am a fan of masculin/féminin, I find the neoprene suits awesome. I am fond of the little dresses too : the two you can see on the seventh shot are cute and original. The styling is great, they are sometimes worn over tops and with long gloves.These dresses look very junior, especially in their cut and with the bows, cute for young girls but the accessories twist the outfit. Indeed the gloves add a ladylike, almost glamorous touch. The fabrics like tweed are approprite for winter and very chic. Plus the hair style is super cool (can it work IRL ? I’d love to test drive but my hair is not long enough *sob*).

I love everything about the pictures. The clean, simple setting with light hues seems immense, there’s a lot of space and the girls occupy it very well. They stand next to each other, some are more distant than other. It impacts the composition directly. In the second picture for instance, Estella is alone on the left part of the image, whereas a group of three girls poses at the center. She adds “weight”, balance on this side. The fact Meisel chose asymmetrical composition brings a real interest to the picture and dynamism. The models of course have to make items attractive, and they deliver. The poses are well prepared and very elegant in my opinion. I like the way they hold their bags. Lineisy’s pose in the seventh picture is amazing, it truly highlights the back of the dress beautifully. The mood is rather serious, almost out of time when we would expect something more playful considering the collection. I concur with this stance, the result is very chic and high fashion 🙂 .

Prada footwear is always identifiable for afar. This time we have babies and boots with block heels, not very high.


Here are the two eye wear shots.


Lineisy was part of this fashion show, which marked her debuts as an international catwalker. No doubt she would be part of the cast !

See the video

Styling: Olivier Rizzo – Hair: Guido Palau – Makeup: Pat McGrath

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