Must-Have Item for fall/winter:  The Fur Coat

Maybe you’ve noticed the crowd of street style stars sporting colorful fur coats, scarves, and stoles this season?

Well, it looks like the trend is showing no signs of slowing down, since we’ve been spotting them everywhere crying, “Look at me!”

From striped fur stoles to pastel furry coats, designers are using fur accents—whether real or faux—to give you the perfect coat.

Nowadays, fur coats aren’t just for the society set. Fur coats and jackets (both faux fur and real fur) are showing up in outfits of every incarnation. Off-duty models in particular favor the fur coat trend, along with fashion bloggers and street style stars in general.

The fact is, fur is warm. If you can rock the fur coat trend, life is a lot more comfortable. Plus it is chic, easy to wear, cozy and most of all cool.

So, what are you waiting for the  fall/winter season. Get yourself a fur coat, girl!


new-york-streetstyle-fall-2013_fur9 paris-streetstyle-fall-2013_fur11



the-rubber-doll-famous-fashion-blogger-inspiration-fur-coats-street-style-img-16 the-rubber-doll-famous-fashion-blogger-inspiration-fur-coats-street-style-img-38 the-rubber-doll-famous-fashion-blogger-inspiration-fur-coats-street-style-img-47 the-rubber-doll-famous-fashion-blogger-inspiration-fur-coats-street-style-img-48 the-rubber-doll-famous-fashion-blogger-inspiration-fur-coats-street-style-img-51 the-rubber-doll-famous-fashion-blogger-inspiration-fur-coats-street-style-img-53




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