Fall Outfits #4

Fall, I must admit is not actually my favorite season, but this fall especially is great, so warm and sunny; I just wish that every fall to be like this.  It’s great to go out, put a pair of glasses and a jacket and feeling like a late summer day, I just wish this never ends!

I’m a bit dramatic, now, so let’s get to our business; the outfit of the day!

4-1 9-1 7-1 6-1

I choose to wear a kind of urban look according to the location (a parking), a stylish and comfortable look that I will definitely wear again.

So, for today’s post I chose to mix  a mostly black outfit, cause you know, back is the new black! No, I’m kidding, I wanted to wear my new Zara black leather loafers which I actually adore, so my whole outfit ought to be created around them. It wasn’t a really hard work though; with a pair of leather pants, a fluffy sweater a classic coat and a leather backpack my outfit was ready and cool.

I just love those urban looks, so stylish and comfortable in the same time.

So, what do you think?

1-1 6 (3)


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