Fall Outfits #2

This is a special day for me because this morning a received a special gift from a special friend. It’s my first collaboration with Delores Airey and I hope it won’t be the last. She sent to me a perfect piece of clothing for this weather: a Sleeveless Wool Jumper called “Ricky”, very warmly and comfortable (see it here). She has a very beautiful line of knitwear pieces which deserve a look!

So, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make a post about the outfit I chose to wear with it. I love this look as its quite simple cozy and comfortable, perfect for fall. I mixed it with a pair of boyfriend jeans which I adore cause they are so easy to wear, a simple trench coat (my favorite as you’ve probably seen in my older posts) and a pink cape for a bit of color. The outfits wouldn’t be complete without the snake leather shoes and furry bag.

What do you think?

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