Trend Report: The Fur Vest

Whether you prefer fur or faux, a fuzzy vest is a perfect layering piece this season.

Now, let’s face it, fur vests have become a staple in the fall and winter and it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere soon.

They are completely versatile in that you can dress them up, dress them down, or use them to keep you warm. A fur vest is an ideal layering piece because it keeps you warm while also looking stylish.

Layer them under or over a jacket or blouse, and the bigger the vest, the warmer it will be!

Vests are also a must-have piece for those transition months, so you can wear your vest in the cooler mornings and easily take it off when the sun comes out in the afternoons! As far as choosing the right one, sky is the limit!

You can find plenty of faux fur vests that come in many colors and styles, with hoods or pockets, long and cropped. The most important advice I can bring to you is to pick a style that fits your body type.

As for me, I love fur; I would wear fur from head to toe.

Do you own a fur vest?

How do you prefer to wear it?

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