Fall Inspiration: CULOTTES

Hello September! It’s officially now; we can’t wear anymore those short pants or that killer bath suit, no more bare legs or high temperature, they are all gone till next year.

So, what are we gonna do now? We will adapt our wardrobe to this pre-fall weather and we are gonna rock it, aren’t we?

CULOTTES! They are the perfect pants to get you through this unpredictable fall weather. Their mid-length is perfect both for hells and flats; they are perfect during the day, but also to a night event. They are chic, and easy to wear. So, what are waiting for?

As for me, I think they are so stylish and must be in every girl wardrobe. Scroll down and see how I decided to wear my culottes. And if this isn’t enough, click here for more inspirational looks. For more pics click on Instagram or Facebook account.

What do you say? I convinced you to get a pair?



4 thoughts on “Fall Inspiration: CULOTTES

  1. I love your blog, its super creative and you have great style by the way! You should definitely check out my fashion/life blog. I do a lot of fun post and I think you’d like it ☺


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