Must Have Item for Fall

Unfortunately the summer is almost gone and fall knocks at the door. So, be ready for a new shopping marathon. Do not panic!

You don’t have to renew all your wardrobe cause items such as ankle boots, fluffy sweaters, ponchos and trenches will never lose their power.

According to the season, in this transitional weather the classic trench coat is a must. I’m sure you all have one, right? The you all agree with me that it is perfect, isn’t it?

As for me; I Iove trench coats, they are so chic and versatile because you can wear them on both ways: as a dress (as I did in an older post), or to protect you from the cold weather.

So, for today’s post I chose to wear my classic trench coat with a nude-brown outfit. To complete the look, I had to sparkle a little bit, so I accessorized myself with a gold bracelet and a gold necklace.

What do you think? Do you like the outfit? Where would you wear it?

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