Boho in Black and Brown

The boho fashion trend returns every summer and it’s not hard to see why. Those tops, floaty tunic dresses and fringed jackets are perfect for sunshine weather. Plus the materials are very soft, colorful, with floral prints. Also, you can be boho adding to your outfit a fringed jacket, or pair of shoes as I did!

Off course we cannot forget the accessories which must be hand made for an original look.

And now there is the other issue: mixing black with brown! Who said that black and brown aren’t cool together? Girl, it’s time to break some rules, you know?

So, for the today’s post I chose to wear a black T-shirt, a high-wasted leather skirt, a pair of fringe boots and my beloved hand-made colorful necklace which I simply adore.

What do you think? Are you a boho person, or rather a black and brown one? Let me know!





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