Turban and Flares

Flares are still in, and the turban too!

I love flares! I guess that year after year they get more and more fashionable and in, just like an old wine, it gets better over time. :))

Although they are very stylish, I don’t recommend wearing them in a hot summer day, as I did! It was not at all a good idea.

Why I like flares? Cause they are wide! As I am very skinny, I usually chose wide clothes to cover that. So, I mixed my flared jeans with a wide transparent t-shirt, with a pair of black stilettos, a fringe bag and a black and white turban, which is actually a scarf. I love the idea of putting one small accessory in order that your outfit goes WOW!

In addition, flares make you look skinnier if you have a few extra pounds (with a pair of high heels) and also they make you look taller (in case you are a short one) because they make the legs look longer.

What do you think?

How would you mix flares?

Would you wear a turban?





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