How to dress all black for summer

Sun’s out and this season has a ton of HOT fashion items I want to try!!

When the temperature rises, it’s a must to adapt your outfit according to it, right? Summer is the perfect season; you can mix so many outfits and stylish ideas, besides the fact that everything looks better on a tanned skin!

For today post I chose a very simple and sexy outfit according to the heat. I wore a V black shirt with a lace skirt, a pair of sneakers and I covered my head with a nude hat. .I have always been a big fan of skirts, especially during the summer season, because no leggings are required.

Rocking all black in a summer day it’s a bit tricky, but if you chose the right pattern, you can survive :))

It was a perfect summer outfit and I felt so comfortable!

There are so many rules about how to wear black, but I truly believe that fashion is very individual thing. I learned that the only rule in fashion is that there are no rules

What do you think?





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