Culottes and Crop Top

Culottes! From the catwalk to the stylish roads, we have been spotting them everywhere! Why? Because they are a must have this spring.

There was a post about this trend a few weeks ago and sincerely I didn’t know how to feel about them. This was until a couple a days ago, when I found a pair on sales and I decided to give them a try.

This isn’t my first go around with culottes. I remember they were very fashionable in my childhood. I had a jeans ones and I used to mix them with a pair of Converse.

Now, as I got older I have other tastes, so, this time I didn’t mix them with sneakers, but with a pair of cherry-red oxfords.  Because they are high waisted,  I mixed them with a crop top and a blazer. Of course my outfit was completed by my vintage clutch, the leather tie and the gold bracelet.

What do you think?

Next time I promise I will wear them with heels, as they have to! 🙂

So, do you have a pair yet?










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