Hats – Odd, Bizarre, Eccentric

Is well-known that women are obsessed with clothes: some of them love shoes, some bags, the others love dresses or accessories, but there are some of them who are obsessed with hats!

Yep, you heard me well, the big fashion icons love the most extravagant pieces of clothing, and sometimes, in the most cases, this happens to be the hat.

Hats add beauty and sophistication to any outfit; they are the best fashion accessory.  Designer hats are available in the market and everyone has the chance to choose what is more wearable for each one.

The fashion industry is full of people which made a real statement from the art of wearing hats.

Here we can talk about:

Isabella Blow – an English magazine editor, discovered the designer Alexander McQueen, she was Anna Wintour’s assistant at Vogue British and in plus a very extravagant  person which at some point she was quoted as saying:

Fashion is a vampiric thing, it’s the hoover on your brain. That’s why I wear the hats, to keep everyone away from me”.

Daphne Guinness – is the darling of the fashion world; a collector, designer, muse, inspiration and a friend of the late Isabella Blow. For her the word eccentric would not even be suitable – Daphne’s dress is a uniquely fascinating style.

Anna Dello Russo – it’s hard to say what Anna Dello Russo ( fashion editor at Vogue Japan) is better known for: what she wears on her body, or what she wears on her head. She is very eccentric and she never wears the same outfit twice.

Lady Gaga– the most controversial singer, with very unique and extravagant appearances from that meat dress to the bizarre hats.

Anna Piaggi – was an Italian fashion writer and style icon. She wrote for fashion magazine as Vogue Italy and Vanity. She also appeared in the Bill Cunningham’s documentary.

If this hasn’t convinced you, have a look at those women hats and then you definitely will give me right!


Lady Gaga with a No Garbo signature hat



Anna Piaggi



Anna dello Russo





SJP -MET Gala 2013



Daphne Guinness for Muse Magazine



 Tambour-Pierre Cardin haute-couture 1989-1990


Isabella Blow Isabella Blow In-Store Appearance at Harvey Nichols in London - September 9, 2005 Harvey Nichols London,  Great Britain September 9, 2005 Photo by Craig Dunsmuir/WireImage.com To license this image (5871690), contact WireImage.com

Isabella Blow with an own name hat



Some of Isabella Blow’s hats



The hats at Isabella Blow’s funeral



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