Inked Girls

Hello girl! Today I prepared for you a special post about tattoo girls! Do not get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to make a tattoo, hell no! I admit, I love tattoos, but I have none.  My opinion is that you must have a certain attitude to wear a tattoo, right? If you belong to the tattoo category you can comment on them and if you are not admire them.

While it certainly isn’t for everyone, tattoos can be an interesting form of self-expression. And since fashion is all about self-expression, it’s no surprise that some of our favorite stylish women sport tattoos.

Let’s admit that these girls have some balls!



poza 2


poza 3


poza 4


poza 5


poza 6


poza 7


poza 8

Carlotta Oddi, Anna Dello Russo’s assistant has her initials inked on her ankles.


poza 9


poza 10



8 thoughts on “Inked Girls

  1. I love tattoos!! I actually have 6. I plan on getting many more in the future. I think tattoos are a form of art, creativity, and self expression. Most of those once I have are hidden when I have clothes on but if my job wasn’t strict about them I would have more.


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