Get Flared!

Spring is here, we dropped out our fluffy clothes but yet we can’t wear those flu flu dresses, so as a middle way I propose to you the most fashionable spring trend: flared pants.

Yes ladies…the 70’s are back!

Not to be confused, flares become wider from the knee down. Also known as bell bottoms, these pants will make your legs look miles long (especially when worn with heels) and instantly add sophistication to any outfit.

The thing is, flares are not as easy to wear as skinny jeans because they almost always require heels to fit properly, but trust us, it’s worth it!

From Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie to tons of our favorite style bloggers, we found tons of flare inspiration that will make you put your skinny jeans to rest.

Now, for more inspiration here you are some tips on how to wear your flared pants/jeans.

-it’s great for short legged women, but no matter how short or tall you are, be sure to wear them with (high) heels!

-if you have a few extra pounds, legged pants are perfect because they draw attention to the ankle and hips appear narrower.

-buy them long. They have to hide your high heels!

-optional, you can define your waist with a belt

-want even longer legs? Try flared pants with vertical stripes.

 Keep on mind! Is a must to wear them with heels!

You aren’t convinced yet? Have a look at the following pics!



poza 2


poza 3


poza 5



Gucci SS 2015 SOURCE

poza 7




NYFW ss2015 day7, outside the Boss show



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