I Woke Up Like This


Foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, all the women are used to them, but how many of you are ready to give up on them and say no makeup for today?

So, in today’s article we will encourage those women who are the courage to show their natural face.

So what you have a few spots on your face, or a few wrinkles? Accept who you are and be proud of you! I’m sure that your face will thank you for leaving it cleans. Do not get me wrong, I am a makeup fan but from time to time I like to go out without it and in plus it’s a possible chance to be on time. 🙂

In order to convince you I will show you a few pics with beautiful celebs without makeup.

Yes they get glammed up for red carpet events, but in their downtime, celebrities prefer to let their natural beauty take center stage.

poza 7 e

Scarlet Johanson

poza 8 e

Kylie Jenner


poza 9 ny

Julianne Moore

poza 10 ny

Jourdan Dunn

poza 11 ny

Hilary Duff

poza 12 ny

Gwyneth Paltrow

poza 13 ny

Megan Fox

poza 14 ny



Adriana Lima


Cameron Diaz


What do you think? Will you have the courage to take their exemple?


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