Women In Sneakers

What are two things that men love the most? Women and sneakers. What are two things women love the most? Shoes and bags. So today we are gonna talk again about shoes, but this time, a comfortable ones: SNEAKERS.

The good news is that sneakers are comfortable. The bad news: if you’re used to wearing heels, boots or flats, incorporating sneakers into your non-workout wardrobe can be daunting.
In this case the runways gave the verdict: sneakers no longer need be worn just to the gym!


Everyone from model Cara Delevigne to Rihanna, fashion’s favorite pop star, are rocking stylized tennis shoes. And while gym shoes have been popular for decades with urban fashion sets, high-end fashion designers from across the world are embracing the trend, including high sneakers from  Giuseppe Zanotti to Stella McCartey from Adidas.

Sneakers are comfortable, chic, easy to wear and stylish. And if you think that you can be sexy only with a pair of heels, you are wrong. You can wear sneakers with a tuxedo, skirts, dresses, jeans, leather pants, trenches. In fact, you can wear sneakers with everything!

Have a look and inspire yourself for the next outfit!

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Image source: fashioninsane.com, amandathaarsti.tumblr.com, stylecaster.com, stylecaster.com, stylecaster.com, scentofobsession.com, fashionising.com, gorgeautiful.com, gettyimages.com, nssmag.com


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