The Art Of Wearing Socks


It’s the details of your outfit that can really make a difference.

In today’s article we’ll explore a detail that has actually been showing on the runway since 2010, but which has only recently taken off for the general public and street style blogs: SOCKS.

Have you ever thought of a greater fashion mistake than someone wearing open-toed sandals with socks? Now, it’s not a mistake, it’s a TREND!

How to wear them?


It’s a great trend which give your outfit a dose of originality.

Tips: Choose socks that end a little further up from the top of the heel, but not too far and definitely avoid knee socks!


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Tips: Choose a sock that ends just above the top of your boot. If it’s an ankle boot, choose an ankle sock. If it’s a knee-high boot, choose a knee-high sock. Choose a sock that its pattern and color is discernable.


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Oxfords, these classic shoes are comfortable, classy and stylish. They can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, oh well, with everything including with socks.

Tips: choose an ankle socks with a great color or pattern. What’s great in this combination? You can’t go wrong!


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My advice: try the sock trick with leather shoes, with cotton sneakers it looks odd and cheap. As far as the flats are concerning, you can wear socks with them as long as they are see through socks printed or in a single color.


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