Head-To-Toe Everything!

bold-monochromatic-colorIf you love a color, or you think you look good in, why not wear it head-to-toe?

In today’s article we’re slimming down with head-to-toe color. The monochromatic trend, aka wearing the same color from head to toe.

How can you do this? There are two ways:

-wearing the same color head to toe

-wearing shades of the same color.

So, which one you choose is up to you!

I really admire this look because it’s effortless and can easily be pulled off.

 You can try:

1.The classic black- classic, timeless, flattering. Black on black on black is a consistent and timeless look for good reason. Black is sleek but edgy, unassuming but confident, classic but on-trend. It’s easy but not lazy.

1 black

Image source: thefashiontag.com

2.White – pretty, sophisticated, simple, clean.

2 white

Image source:shopshela.com

3.Red- everyone look great in red, but as the lipstick you have to find the right shade for you.

3 red

Image source: vanityfair.com

4.Camel-elegant, stylish, classy.

4 camel

Image source: aelida.com

But, it’s not a rule. You can wear whatever color you want!

Tips: If you do not have matching pieces, jumpsuits can be an alternative. They are easy to style and can be paired with color can help you achieve these looks.

What do y’all think about wearing monochromatic outfits, or wearing 50 shades of the same color at once? Are you an all-black all the time person, or are you the rainbow connection?

In plus, inspire from:

6 grey

Image source: lateafternoonblog.com

7 yellow

Image source: worktoshop.blogspot.ro


Image source: socialbliss.com, ecstasymodels.com, Solange styled by Charlie Brianna


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