7 Tips To Look Chic With A Tutu

Who doesn’t remember the memorable intro from Sex And The City  when Carrie appears with her short tutu and the pink top, who begun to be a statement from then?

So, in today’s article I’m trying to convince you that a tulle outfit is not a bad idea and then I’m sure you’ll be in love with it.


Why to try one?11069663_804863416264339_1250203925_o

1. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a tulle skirt in Sex and The City, and not only

2. second, it’s chic, IN and can be styled in different ways

3. you can also wear it as a work wear too

4. it’s very versatile and easy to mix

5. it can be worn with boots, stilettos, sneakers, flats, turtlenecks, tops, shirts, capes, leather jackets, jeans jackets, trenches

6. for a mix of originality you can put a pair of jeans underneath your tulle skirt

7. the safest way to style it is with high heels

By the way. did you know that the tulle name comes from the French town of Tulle where in the 18th century was created this material?

Look below for more fuss-free ways to spruce up a tulle skirt.

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Image source:momod.com, laceandlocks.com, rafinery29.com, pinterest.com, lolobu.com, atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com, tenfashions.blogspot.com

Now, if I convinced you to try this and you don’t have a tutu skirt yet, here is a DIY tutu made by Miss Kris. You can follow her youtube channel here.



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