How I Mixed A DOP Trend

As you’ve already known, the DOP (dress over pants) trend is en vogue right know, so, after I wrote an article about it, has come the time to put it on practice.

In order to that, I decided to try one of my own and I chose to wear a ripped pair of jeans and a black short dress. Simple till now, but, as I love accessorizing any outfit to stand out, this outfit didn’t get away.  I chose a black simple cape not to be cold, a colored clutch, a black and white belt (my favorite till now), and of course my passion, a turban over my head.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on my side and was a rainy day, so my mood was affected by it, as you could probably see on the photos. I hate rainy days, they just affect my state of mind. I hope a better weather next time.

Now how would you mix a DOP trend? Let me know your opinions.








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