How To Use A Simple Skirt To Stand Out?

 R: Simple, you wear it over a dress, the SOD trend. Yep you heard me well, this is a new trend and as spring is here, you can put it in practice.

A new season brings along new opportunities to reimagine, reinvent and revamp your wardrobe, starting with some very basic steps and using your favorite day-to-day pieces.

Wearing a skirt over a pair of trousers was a popular fashion trend in the late 90’s and is a classic match that has never got out of style, but it seems Hollywood’s stars have reworked the dated look – wearing it over a dress instead. Skirts over dresses (hereafter known as the SOD) seems to be a new micro-trend creeping into the wardrobes of some of fashion’s most trusted style leaders

Q: how to wear it?

There are no clear rules on how to wear – other than with confidence.

Skirt layering may be very much on trend, but it’s also sitting somewhere outside the comfort zone, which means that while some women will be eager to try it out, others will dismiss it without giving it a real shot. While seemingly eccentric, odd and beyond reach, the trend is pretty functional in reality, if only approached the right way.

Watch the slideshow to see this outfit on runways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.,,,,,,

Here’s an inspirational outfit for you. Get inspired and let me know your opinions.

Untitled #5


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