Eccentric Shoes. Would You Wear Them?

“I can be naked as long as I’m wearing the right pair of shoes” -Anna dello Russo

This is how I will start today’s article about shoes addiction.

First there was Cinderella, second there was Carrie Bradshaw, then Anna dello Russo and that’s how the addiction began.

Shoes, they are sexy, they transform your body language and your attitude, they can cost a fortune; yet while money itself does not bring happiness, a pair of new shoes bring on a kind of exaltation.

Unlike clothes, shoes have a distinct advantage. Whether you’re fat or thin, short or tall, beautiful or ugly, you can buy all the shoes your heart desires. They are capable of making you feel sexy, elegant or sporty at a single stroke.

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly”, once said Coco Chanel, but what can we say about a woman with really eccentric shoes?

Love them, or hate them there is not a golden mean. May be you like them, but do you have the courage to wear them?

How much is enough? Let’s see!

fabsugar comImage



NYFW-Day-Four popsugar

NYFW-Day-Three popsugar

PFW fabsugar.jpg 1

popsufar NYFWNYFW-Day-Three (1) popsugar




fabsugar PFW.jpg 1

fabsugar com.jpg 1 LFW

fabsugar com LFW



valentino pin




alexandre McQuuen pin



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