What’s IN? Bag Accessories!

If we’ve learned anything from fashion, it’s that no street style pro would be anywhere without her arsenal of accessories. And as real shopaholics we love nothing more than buying mounts of bags, shoes, jewels.

But there is one thing that a woman loves above all other accessories in the world: the bag.

They are not just tools for carry-on. They are woman’s most essential fashion accessory, preceded only by shoes.

I think that we girls love nothing more than bags and shoes, and if we have something more to personalize, let’s go for it! So next time when you grab your bag, put some accessories on it!

In fact if you have a simple bag, you can personalize it with badges, key chains or even stickers.

Take a look at the following pics and inspire from them.

nyfw fabsugar com

NYFW street-style, Image source:fabsugar.com

milano-str-rf15-7325 the fashion spot

milano-str-rf15-7357 tfs

milano-str-rf15-9745 tfs

Milan Fashion Week, fall 2015 street-style, Image Source:thafashionspot.com

NYFW-Day-Five popsugar

NYFW-Day-Four bag with bag popsugar

NYFW-Day-Three pop sugar

NYFW-Day-Three popsugar

NYFW-Day-Two popsugarNYFW, street-style, Image source:popsugar.com

en vogue frImsge source:en.vogue.fr


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