Say NO to Burberry Prorsum Cape

Spring is giving the first signs and we are happy to drop out those fur coats, fluffy scarves and start wearing the long-awaited trench coats, ponchos and capes.

For the fall/winter 2014 ready-to-wear, the well known Burberry Prorsum house closed the runway show with the monogrammed cape worn by Cara Delevigne. This piece of clothes became soon a must-have. Olivia Palermo was the first one who stepped out wearing one of those capes.

Last season, there was no item more mighty in the street style-set than the monogrammed Burberry cape.

The brand known best for its trench coats is officially in the poncho game and celebs and fashion lovers alike are all wrapped up in it. That blanket, jacket or cape was sold out almost everywhere (statistics show that hundred were purchased after OP took the streets in hers). For the fall 2014 it was one of the biggest style success stories of autumn/winter 2014.

The monogrammed cape was everywhere!

Now, sincerely speaking it is a very nice cape but, let’s admit that we are sick of it and we don’t want see it anymore.

Now, let’s see the following photos!

cd pin


Cara Delevigne closed the runway show with a personalised Burberry Cape

vogue co uk


rosie huntington whitelea look co ukImage

Rosie Huntington Whitelea and Sarah Jessica Parker with their owns capes

elena perminova harpersbaazaarElena Perminova, Image

sukiSuki Waterhouse, Image

charlotte wiggins jean campbell matilda lowther and sam rollinson the glass magazine

Charlotte Wiggins, Jean Campbell, Matilda Iowther and Sam Rollinson


liftmeupwardrobe co ukImage

As you can see the Burberry Cape is everywere! You don’t want to be like anyone else, so, this season wear a cape made by another designer or even a no name one!

Be different, be unique!


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