8 NYFW Street-Style Ideas

Fashion week the most expected event of the year have just started.

New York was for a week the capital of fashion, till this title was taken by London. The street of  New York were full of models, celebrities, fashion bloggers, photographers ready to take the pulse of the streets. The outfits were as stunned as usually and the photographers captured that.

These days, the fashion is dictated by the street style, so let’s have a look at the outfits worn on the streets of New York last week by our fashionistas.

And because the winter does not want to go yet, you have still time to inspire from them for the next winter days.

stzle caciuli

stzle caciuli 1

25-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-14 stzle caciuli

When the temperature is low, the cap is the best option to cover your head and it’s a very cool accessory too. So next time when you go out, take with you a warm cap.  You won’t regret, I assure you!

Image source: style.com

NYFW-Street-Day2-12b vogue high boots

nyfw-street-style-day-1-17 vogue

The passion of every women….shoes. But this time, thy have to be over-the-knee boots. If you don’t have a pair like this yet, do not hesitate to buy one, and your legs will appear sexier than never.

Image source: vogue.com

stzle leather

fashionista leather

I kow it’s still cold outside but this doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite leather jacket during winter. Wear it with a worm knit, or with a trench over to stay worm.

Image source: style.com, fashionista.com

25-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-01 stzle scarf

Dare to be different and wear a knit as a scarf. Is a worm and interesting way to accessorize yourself and definitely you will be noticed.

Image source: style.com

fashionista fur

nyfw-street-style-day-1-16 vogue

NYFW-Street-Day3-9b vogue palton coloorat

Stay worm with a cozy and colorful coat or fur. It will definitely protect you  from the low temperatures.

Image source: fashionista.com, vogue.com


And because ” 50 Shades of Grey” rocks now, try a head-to-toe grey outfit.

Image source: style.com

stzle evayati

Flared jeans. They are so in right now, and with a pair of heels your legs will definilety look longer. Give them a try!

Image source: style.com

fashionista compleu

If your fashion ideas are out, wear a tuxedo. Is so comfortable, chic and easy to accessorize that you will fall in love with it. Plus it will give you a sexy look due to the fact that we borrowed it from men’s wardrobe.

Image source: fashionista.com


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