12 Awesome Ways To Knot Your Belt!

Do you wear belts?

Since most pants and skirts are fitted to our frame, wearing one is now often more a style choice than a practical choice.

And therefore is not the easiest accessory to master, but with a bit of imagination and with a look at the following photos, I’m sure you will find a way to wear your favorite belt.

Trendy or not, belts are massive these days and I truly think the sky the limit design or color wise. The beauty of this classic timeless accessory is its versatility. How easy it does it give us what we want in terms of looks and styles, and how fantastically can it transform a look from boring to trendy? Anytime you can accessorize your look with a trendy belt and your outfit will be WOW.

So, scroll down for some belt inspiration!


( Matching belt with necklace, New York fashion week, Source:wmagazine.com )

pin.jpg 4

If you wear a simple outfit, make it extraordinary with a giant belt like Giovanna Battaglia did.  You will definitely stand out from the crowd!



paris fw spring 2015 pin

(Paris Fashion Week, spring 2015, Source: pinterest.com)

pin.jpg 5(Source:pinterest.com)

Only try large belts worn high if your waist is super thin.

You can go for solid fabrics such as leather or go for fluid ones, you can also wear your favourite scarf as a belt over a dress or shirt.



Is Olivia Palermo the queen of accessorizing? All signs point to yes: She already has successful shoes and sunglasses collaborations and lately, we’ve been especially impressed with her belt game. Take a look at the Queen of Belts!

pin.jpg 2( Matching color and material of your belt with the dress you are wearing, Source:pinterest.com)

seaofshoes typepad

( Odd and amazing spider belt, Source:seaofshoes.com)

For more belt inspiration, take a look at these 12 ways to knot your belt and find the one that suits you better.


Now, if you are inspired of this article and you don’t own a belt yet, here are four must have belts for every outfit and and every occasion. You only need a black leather one to wear with a pair of jeans and a simple outfit, an extravagant one to accessorize your outfit, a jewelled chain one to wear over dresses and shirts and finally a wais belt to accentuate your waist or to band your trench, coat or maxi scarf.


New Look Jewelled Chain Belt – €13.50, ASOS waist belt – €20.27, ASOS Leather Boyfriend Waist – €20.27, River Island Skinny Suede Snake Jeans Belt – €20.27.


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