Street Style- Hair Colors

Everyone is talking about shoes, bags, coats, accessories, skirts, jeans and they seem to forget about an important item- the hair.

So, today’s article is all about hair, precisely colored hair. Most of women are brunettes, blondes, brown. But there are a few, more courageous who paint their hair in extravagant colors and the best place to meet them is, off course on the streets, the runway of fashionistas.

I googled and I found the most interesting hair shades and I’m ready to share them with you. Take a street style inspiration from the streets around the world!

Are you ready to try one of these colors?

confettytime hair

(Ombre yellow hair,

thefashiontag hair(Animal Print hair,

nolitahearts hair(

hair 10 w

( Green Hair Shades,

trendy-twist hair


riri lifepopper

(Red Riri, Source:lifepopper)

hair rafinery29(Curly Gray Hair,

hair5 w


hair9 w(

hair1 wmagazine

(Red and Green,

ombre hair rafinery29

(Ombre hair,


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