Coat- Fur Coat

It’s still cold and the weather does not seem to get hotter, so the best way to stay warm is a fur coat. Whatever is it real or faux, the fur coat is the best way to protect yourself from the low temperature. And who know this better than our fashionistas girls which filled the streets at New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2015-2016 with this warm piece of clothing.

Initially the fur was used for clothing in the northern territories such as Canada,  Russia, Scandinavia, Japan where there is mostly cold, but later this worm material knew a huge success through peoples. Nowadays fur materials are used both on the catwalks and the streets as coats, scarves, dresses, skirts, hats, bags and even shoes.

Of course, when it comes to the real fur, there are a lot of anti-fur campaigns mostly during the ’80 and the ‘90s with the participation of numerous celebrities. PETA and other animal rights organizations, celebrities, and animal rights ethicists, have called attention to fur farming.

Some animal rights activists have disrupted fur fashion shows with protests, while other anti-fur protesters may use fashion shows featuring faux furs or other alternatives to fur clothing as a platform to highlight animal suffering from the use of real leathers and furs. Celebrities as Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Olsen Twins and Anna Wintour have often been blamed for their real fur fashion choices.

These days the fur coats were en vogue on the streets of New York as Fashion Week have just started. Whether they wore fur coats or fur scarves, in the end fur was everywhere.

Now let’s see what I’m talking about!

P.s:  Stay Warm!

New York Fashion Week street-style fall/winter 2015-2016.

hbz-street-style-ny-fw15-day1-19 hb( Source: )

fur1( Source: )

fur coat fw 2015

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hbz-street-style-ny-fw15-day1-13 hb( Source: )

hbz-street-style-ny-fw15-day1-05 hb

( )

vogue fur fwny

( Source: )

fur scarf 1( )

hb scarf

( )


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