The Jumpsuit Is Having A Moment

In 2003 the jumpsuit was everywhere on the catwalks. Elegant, easy and extremely hot they became an instant celebrity favorite.

The first jumpsuit was invented in 1919 by Florentine Thayat (the model is now a Palazzo Pitii piece) and it was launched as a liberating garment during the Futuristic period. Then in 1923 a similar piece called Varst was created by a Russian couple.

This piece of clothing was originally intended to be worn by parachutists, skiers and aviators but it soon and sure moved from the world of sports to closets. It was soon adopted in fashion shows, on red carpet and finally on the streets.

In the ‘30s Elsa Schiaparelli designed silk jumpsuits and that represented the first sign of a fashion jumpsuit trend. As the years have passed it became more and more trendy, being worn by Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and later by Madonna, Britney Spears, Spice Girls.

Nowadays the jumpsuit is as popular as the LBD (little black dress), it’s flattering, solves the pants or dress dilemma and certainly is super sexy. His only downside: going to the bathroom

Is is also very versatile. You can wear a short one in a casual look on the street or at the seaside with a pair of sandals and a raffia hat, or a long one on a date, a party, an event.

Perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence is that Net-a-Porter had an entire jumpsuit category.

Advice: You have to take care when you chose your own jumpsuit, pick the one with the right cuts for your body shape!

P.S: Avoid the blush tones.

“Jumpsuits, similar to leather trousers, are a new classic,” says Stephanie Phair, president of a Net-a-Porter divisions.

With other words, the Hollywood world of dressed has been eclipsed by the effortlessness jumpsuit.


bianca jagger vogue it

 Bianca Jagger, Source: 

elvis after a rehersal pin Elvis wearing a jumpsuit at the end of the rehersals, 

the jumpsuit during the 70s, was worn bothe bz men ans women. it elogated the legs to meke them seem taller pin

The jumpsuit during the ’70s was worn bothe by men and women. It elogated the legs to make them look taller, Source:pinterest.comemma-watson-british-fashion-awards-2014 laiamagazine

 Emma Watson worn a white, sexy jumpsuit in 2014 at British Awards, 

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet Gwen Stefany, Grammy Awards 2015, 

NYFW spring 2015 piin

 Amazing jumpsuit at New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014, 

army green pin

 Army green jumpsuit, street style, 


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