A turban is a type of headwear worn usually by men in places as North Africa, south-east Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian Subcontinent. It got his start as the official headgear of Egyptians pharaohs.

As for fashion, it was quickly adopted in fashion shows, on the red carpet, or on the streets. A turban can add a touch of drama to any outfit from simple jeans and T-shirts to glamorous dresses. They are great for creating a chic modern look or a vintage one and off course, for hiding disheveled hair or for lazy days when you simply don’t want to do hair.

There are millions way to wrap a turban and you have to chose the one who suits you better. Try it out on your next outfit and certainly you’ll be standing out from the crowd.

You can simply create a turban from a long scarf and you can wrap it in millions ways. You can also match it with your outfit, or it can be a splash of color.

If you dare you can wear a turban made of a jeans jacket or a sweater. Yes! You can  bring a touch of originality to your outfit.


-The turban, a masterpiece in the Jan Vermeer’s iconic 17th-century painting : “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

-during the 19th-century the turban became less common, but by the 20th-century, fashion designer Paul Poiret brought it back into fashion and it soon was adopted by the socialites and silent film stars.

-by the ’30s it was “Très chic et en vogue” and it was worn  by  the well-known Greta Garbo

– it appear as an essential accessory in a lot of movies such as “ Lady of the Tropics”(1939), “ The postman always ring twice” (1946), “Sunset Boulevard” (1950)

– in the ‘60s, the famous fashion icon Elizabeth Taylor wore a turban at a ball in 1966.

-during the ‘70s, women began to wore turban more as a hat than as a head wrap. So in 1973, Barbara Streisand wore a turban and a bush fur coat at the premiere of “ The way we were “ movie. It was also worn by the British Queen in 1966 during a holiday in the Western Isles.

– in 2006 at MTV Video Music Awards, J. Lo wore a silver turban matched to her dress. Then was Kate Moss turn to wore it in 2009 at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum.

– in 2010, turbans were introduced in ready-to-wear fashion shows.

Take a look at the pictures below and inspire from them for your future outfit.

pinterestLana Turner in ” The Postman Always Ring Twice, 1946, Source: pinterest.com

turban instyle Elizabeth Taylor, 1966, Source: pinterest.com


 Kate Moss, 2009, Source: zimbio.com 

sweater turban vogue UK sep 1985

Sweater Turban, Vogue UK, september 1985 

fab turban pin

 Fabulous Outfit, Source:pinterest.com

interesting turban pin

Source: pinterest.com 

turban5 pin

 Source: pinterest.com 

turban vogue.globo Source: vogue.globo.com

amazing turban pin

 Souce: pinterest.com

Text source: glo.com


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