The Evolution Of A Legendary Event: FASHION WEEK

Nowadays, FASHION WEEK happens twice a year and depending on your point of view it is either the best time of the year, or the worst. Hundreds of fashion editors, stylists, models, bloggers, stars descend on the four capitals to see what they’ll be wearing next year.


The most prominent weeks are held in the four fashion capitals: NEW YORK, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS and other notable week-long fashion events are held in cities around the world.

The first fashion week in history was held in 1943 in New York and its main purpose was to distract people’s attention from the Nazi occupation in France, and to interrupt the flights towards Europe.

First event like this was supposed to be held in 1858 in Paris, where fashion designers Charles Fredrick Worth started showing his collection on real, live women.

1969 NY street vintage fashion photo pin

( New York, 1969, Source: )

Fashion Week happens twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world. From January through April designers presents their autumn and winter collections and fashion week for spring/summer is held from September through November.

The fashion week season begins in New York and then in the other cities in the next order: London, Milan, Paris. The fashion shows present also menswear. Concerning haute couture shows, due to the Syndicale rules, it can be only shown in Paris.

Also more and more designers start showing inter-seasonal collections which are more commercial than the main ones and these are Resort/Cruise (before spring/summer) and Pre-Fall (before autumn/winter). Some designers show their inter-seasonal collections outside their homes cities.

Paris Fashion Week is the culmination of weeks and it is divided into three categories: Men’s fashion, Couture, Pret-a-Porter. Since its inception in 1973, Paris Fashion Week has been a kind of Mecca for fashion.

paris 1906 pin Paris, 1906, Source:

1910 paris 1 pin

1914 Royalty from Denmark

( Paris, 1910, Source: )

YSL 1971 paris vogue fr

 Yves Sain Laurent, 1971, Paris, Source:

As for London, fashion week began in 1984 in a West London car park. The event was sponsored both by the British government and Vogue UK magazine and designers as John Galliano (with his graduate collection“ Les Incroyables”) and Betty Jackson emerging onto the scene.

Fashion Week Timeline

1943– First Fashion Week held by publicist Eleanor Lambert in New York and was originally titled PRESS WEEK

1973-Paris Fashion Week

1975- Milan Fashion Week

1984- London Fashion Week

Since then, different Fashion Weeks established including Japan, Hong Kong, Mumbay, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Morocco, Berlin, and so on.

lambert_eleanor fcda

 Eleanor Lambert, fashion publicist,

195o paris hb

 1950 street style, Source:

smithsonianmag Old fashion shows,

an image from the first fashion week, conde nast media group

 Old fashion show, Conde nast media group



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