Women Who Rock Men Style

Because the last article was about you boys, now, of course it’s our turn to shine, again, but you are still a central piece, because today’s article is about women who rock men style.

If in the past men wore suits, hats, pants and women only dresses or skirts, during the time we succeeded in borrowing some of your clothes such as: baggy pants, denim vests, blazers, sweatshirts, loafers. This may be considered a revenge for the fact that, you had the courage to borrow our bags, scarves and lotions.

Now, when we talk about men clothes we talk about their most important piece of clothes, which is, the suit.

Black suit has always been a passion of men and nowadays women are also falling for it and generally speaking, when it comes to suits there are women who rock them better that men do.

And now let’s see what I’m talking about.

blazer, loafers pin

 Blazer and loafers, source:pinterest.com 

ties pin

The boyish tie, source: pinterest.com 

trench coat pin

The classic trench coat, source: pinterest.com


 Source: fashionspam.blogspot.com

women in menswear    pixgood

 Source: pixgood.com


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