Outside the Vogue Fashion Rules

1. Go to the vintage fairs for unique items. You don’t want to be like everyone else.


       (Source: valentinaf.deviantart.com)

2. If you want to wear head-to-toe the same color, make it one shade.


( Source: pinterest.com  )

pinterest headtotoe1

( Source: pinterest.com )

Grey on grey, on grey….and so on!

pinterest headtotoe

(Source: pinterest.com )

Leandra Medine looks great in all jeans outfit

3. Be courageous! Try color block at least once!

color block

(Source: tumblr.com )


pinterest colorblock

(Source: pinterest.com)

pinterest clolorblock

(Source: pinterest.com )

4. If you don’t know how to combine colors use black, white, camel, together or separately. You won’t fail with this ones.

TIPS:      Camel is the color that makes everything look expensive!

             Black always classy!

             White pure and simple!

pinterest bwc

(Source: pinterest.com)

camel pinterest

(Source: pinterest.com)


(Source: wgsn.com )

5. Matching mani-pedi, or, at least make one of them nude.


( Source: redcarpet-fashionawards.com)

instyle.com oja

(Source: instyle.com)


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